hearing definition is the process function or power of perceiving sound specifically the special sense by which noises and tones are received as stimuli how to use hearing in a sentence

a dictionary of hearing is a comprehensive reference that defines terms used in audiology ent and related areas this dictionary covers a wide range of terms in audiology and will be very useful to students and professionals in the field of hearing including audiologists nurses and doctors teachers of the deaf and speech and language therapists

the faculty or sense by which sound is perceived the act of perceiving sound opportunity to be heard to grant a hearing an instance or a session in which testimony and arguments are presented especially before an official as a judge in a lawsuit

a dictionary of hearing is a comprehensive reference that defines terms used in audiology ent and related areas this dictionary covers a wide range of terms in audiology and will be very useful to students and professionals in the field of hearing including audiologists nurses and doctors teachers of the deaf and speech and language therapists

hearing noun meeting an official meeting that is held to collect the facts about an event or problem a disciplinary hearing will examine charges of serious professional misconduct against three surgeons i think we should give him a fair hearing we should listen to what he wants to say

the sense by which sounds are perceived or the capacity to perceive sound sound waves are converted into nerve impulses for interpretation by the brain the organ of hearing is the ear which is divided into the outer middle and inner ear each with its own role

a dictionary of audiology features authoritative and detailed entries that clearly define and describe essential terms relating to hearing balance and related disorders

while technically a trial with a judge sitting without a jury fits the definition a hearing usually refers to brief sessions involving a specific question at some time prior to the trial itself or such specialized proceedings as administrative hearings

hearing the range within which a voice can be heard quot the children were told to stay within earshot quot

an electronic device usually worn in or behind the ear of a hearing impaired person for amplifying sound examples of hearing aid in a sentence recent examples on the web prosecutors said the duo defrauded blue shield by submitting claims for hearing aids on behalf of american airlines employees that were never needed and never dispensed

having a diminished or defective sense of hearing but not deaf hard of hearing

a hearing is an official meeting which is held in order to collect facts about an incident or problem the judge adjourned the hearing until next tuesday synonyms inquiry trial investigation industrial tribunal more synonyms of hearing 3

hearing loss can have a significant effect on your quality of life older adults with hearing loss may report feelings of depression because hearing loss can make conversation difficult some people experience feelings of isolation hearing loss is also associated with cognitive impairment and decline

a hearing held after a criminal defendant x27 s first appearance in court esp for the purpose of determining whether there is probable cause to believe that the defendant committed the felony with which he or she is charged called also preliminary examination probable cause hearing

common categories of hearing loss classifications are mild hearing loss moderate hearing loss moderately severe hearing loss severe hearing loss and profound hearing loss read about how to define and classify hearing loss at hear it org

the official definition of a hearing impairment by the individuals with disabilities education act idea is quot an impairment in hearing whether permanent or fluctuating that adversely affects a child x27 s educational performance but is not included under the definition of x27 deafness x27 quot

noun the definition of a hearing is a chance for someone to be heard or a court appearance before a judge an example of hearing is someone who x27 s declared bankruptcy having a meeting with a judge hearing is defined as the sense that perceives sound and the process by which sound is perceived

legal definition of frye hearing in virginiafrye hearing is according to the journey through justice website hearing to determine the admissibility of scientific evidence or expert testimony more about commonwealth of virginia x27 s legal issues may include

law dictionary alternative legal definition in equity practice the hearing of the arguments of the counsel for the parties upon the pleadings or pleadings and proofs corresponding to the trial of an action at law the word quot hearing quot has an established meaning as applicable to equity cases

in law a hearing is a proceeding before a court or other decision making body or officer such as a government agency or a legislative committee a hearing is generally distinguished from a trial in that it is usually shorter and often less formal

definition of preliminary hearing noun a criminal proceeding in which a judge determines whether there is enough evidence to bind the defendant for trial what is a preliminary hearing a preliminary hearing is just one part of criminal court proceedings

this dictionary includes a wide range of terms that are in general use in relation to the multi disciplinary subject of hearing it covers the fields of acoustics audiology electronics medicine phonetics rehabilitation and social administration

a meeting of a group of people for example judges or politicians to hear the facts relating to a legal problem or subject of public interest before they make a decision about it hold schedule a hearing a hearing before judge l a harris jr is scheduled for wednesday

hearing impairment or hearing loss occurs when you lose part or all of your ability to hear other terms that are used to refer to hearing impairment are deaf and hard of hearing

search hearing and thousands of other words in english definition and synonym dictionary from reverso you can complete the definition of hearing given by the english definition dictionary with other english dictionaries wikipedia lexilogos oxford cambridge chambers harrap wordreference collins lexibase dictionaries merriam webster

the first means of recognition is the sense of hearing which with us is far more highly developed than with you and which enables us not only to distinguish by the voice our personal friends but even to discriminate between different classes at least so far as concerns the three lowest orders the equilateral the square and the pentagon for of the isosceles i take no account

hearing or auditory perception is the ability to perceive sounds by detecting vibrations changes in the pressure of the surrounding medium through time through an organ such as the ear the academic field concerned with hearing is auditory science sound may be heard through solid liquid or gaseous matter

x27 they have a keen sense of smell acute hearing but poor eyesight x27 x27 although suffering from poor vision its sense of hearing and smell is acute and of primary importance in locating food x27 x27 his acute sense of hearing picked up the sound of footfalls coming towards them and he quickly ran to the others x27

a right to a hearing when one x27 s legal rights or obligations are poised to be compromised is a fundamental rule of law often stated by reference to the latin maxim audi alteram partem the term is used mostly in the realm of administrative law and administrative tribunals in 300 haro justice sims adopted these words to define hearing

hearing a legal proceeding where an issue of law or fact is tried and evidence is presented to help determine the issue hearings resemble trials in that they ordinarily are held publicly and involve opposing parties

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